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We know that it takes much time for us to buy a new blanket. An easy way to get the mattress is to use online shopping techniques. By truly knowing the size and other particular like sleeping position for your mattress, you can easily order the mattress of your own choice online with the facility of setup too in the home. The bed in a box mattress are usually those pallets that can be easily molded in any shape and size and are easy to carry and handled. These beds can be used for online shipment and are easily packed in a box. Most online stores offer mattresses sale that is packed in a box form. There are different varieties of bed in boxed pallets available with different materials. The buyer can also take a guide from the ratings of the other users. Purchasing bed in box mattresses online is always in good form, and the user has to pay trust in it. It is always true that your first online shopping experience is not that good compared to other online users. There is also a period for trying the bed free for users offered by most companies to test the quality of beds and take the bed if they like it and return if they do not. Find a comfortable bed on best mattress-reviews


Most people confuse the bed in a box mattress as if it is a mattress type, but it is not true. People usually adopt this method for the delivery of special kinds of beds online. PArticularly there are four basic types. I will explain them here in brief.

1.Memory Foam

The memory foam blanket, as the name, suggests that they are very much soft and comes in different softness levels. They are available in almost all shapes and sizes. These mattresses are considered the best for chronic or stomach patients because they provide greater pressure relief. The main thing that memory foam mattress is not good for people is that they provide a greater heating effect so that in general, most companies combine them with a cooling gel so that they are good enough. Their prices vary between a thousand dollars.


Latex is used for providing a soft effect. It is almost very similar to the memory foam mattress is available in almost all sizes and shapes except that they provide less heating effect than the memory foam. They are also enclosed with spring insid4 that provides a good upwards thrust.


These mattresses are made up of a middle spring layer and are very popular among many users, and are good for breathing and cooling effects. Some people do not consider it good because these mattresses have less firmness level and do not provide true relaxation, and cause pain in many parts of the body. They are usually available less in a box form; they may get damaged due to inner springs. These mattresses last for short life because these mattresses are added with the compressed thinner coils that are not as good as the springs for providing compression properties.

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