Bike I had ridden: Honda Shadow VT 600

Honda Shadow VLX VT 600

By now, you probably can I am a chopper/cruiser rider. My last 2 bike being Shadow 400 and Marauder 125.

The Shadow VLX 600 is my latest ride. Compare to the Shadow 400, this Shadow VLX looks more like the Steed with minimal front and back wheel fender. Also the handlebar is higher and not as wide compared to the 400.

Overall it is a rather economical class 2 cruiser. Fuel consumption averaging about 150km to 10 l petrol. If I remember correct (that was 6 years ago) this is about similar to the 400.

The only gripe is the 4 speeds transmission. At top gear it gives a feeling that there is still another gear to shift up. Above 100kmh, the engine vibration is rather noticeable. Not sure if it is because this is an old 2nd hand bike. Other reviews online also mentioned about the vibration.

It is not a speed demon bike but as for me it has more than enough power and acceleration to pull away from a tailgating car in a swift.