Motorcycle Maker: Daelim

daelim-logo.gifDaelim Motor is a Korean motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1962.

From its beginning as Honda parts assembler for domestic market, Daelim is now exporting its motorcycle to the world.

In Singapore, I first came across the name while looking for my first bike.

Daelim Magma 125Since I was restricted to the 125cc category, the Daelim Magma 125, with it’s good look was a natural candidate.

It was again a candidate when I upgraded to the Suzuki Marauder 125. In the end I did not choose it because I wasn’t convinced enough to try the Korean quality. The other nagging thoughts was whether maintenance and parts are available.

Do you own a Daelim? Let us know your thoughts.



8 thoughts on “Motorcycle Maker: Daelim

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  2. Sao anh nguyen

    Dear Mr or madam,

    I looking website your company.
    Now I need by motocycle Dealim Magme with the condition:
    Quanlity: 01
    Price: CIF Ho chi Minh City, Vietnam

    I looking foward reply soon.
    Best & Regard
    Sao Nguyen

  3. Henry jones

    i own a daelim custom 125 and i can’t find parts anywhere for it its an exellent little bike but british weatha and constant use is taking its toll a speedo cable is in diar need and fairly soon it will be needing brake pads and oil any ideas on what oil to use and where to get parts from would be enormously apreciated thank

  4. Larry C.

    [quote comment=””][…] A reader pointed out that Korea has 2 large motorcycle companies. We mentioned Daelim, today we take a look at Hyosung. […][/quote]


    I’ve got a Daelim S2-125 scooter. I’ve put 4,000 miles on it and she runs great; no problems. I wish Dealim USA were more serious about acquiring new dealers, especially in the Shreveport, La. area.

  5. rené

    I make the bigger mistake of my life when buiyng this scooter daelim 125.I bought it new, after 2 month it was offered nearly half the price payed.SO IF YOU PLAN TO BUY A SCOOTER CHOOSE ANOTHER BRAND ANY ONE “”BUT NOT DAELIM””.PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID. René V. Switzerland

  6. pedro

    you bought corean why? you should know that the money in corea fly´s, but the japonese are the same in my country, and the italians are the worst… inclusevely in engine maintenence… great noise, hight hp, high velocty, lower quality, i bet in niponic bike´s, are the cheaper ones and they work (if handled correctly) years and years… CG125 forever!!!!!

  7. murat solhan

    hy ı have dealım magma 2000 models bat hom is it mırror the orjınıls ı am turky ıs here plese help me

  8. hisham dean

    i curently own a daelim daystar 125. have it about 2 years now. no problem with the engine so far. but the electrical is a little tricky. i have changed my battery twice. every time i travel long distance at high speed, i can’t use the electric starter. thanks goodness for the kick start. i see the overall power going down after that. the lights get dimmer and the horn blows softer. there’s also problem with getting the right sprocket and chain set for the bike. but someone old me that its uses one that is similar to honda cg125. i also in need of new brake disk and pads. don’t know where to get them here in malaysia. maybe will just try modifying them some how. but, the bike really is an eye-catcher. met two gorgeous babes coz of that bike though:-)

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