China Motorcycle Manufacturer: Haojue

Haojue motorcycles is manufactured by the Grand River Group (大长江集团) also based in Jiangmen, Guangdong province.

The Grand River Group partner with Suzuki, forming the Suzuki Motorcycle R & D Co Ltd in 2002. Haojue motorcycles are often Suzuki models, branded or co-branded as Haojue.

Haojue Motorcycle (

Haojue Motorcycel

9 thoughts on “China Motorcycle Manufacturer: Haojue

  1. Carlos Martinez

    Hello. I want to know how many kilometers per galon can I wait of a Haojue 125 four stroke.

  2. Joe Nel

    For Motorcycle Club: China bikes prove to be good like Haojue, dont you know, that Haojue is the only China brand motorcycle entered into the prestigious MOTOGP Racing. Because of its Technical facilities & quality of motorcycle, the organizers of this race has able to approved Haojue application to be part of their racing track.

    For Carlos Martinez:
    Haojue 125-16 is the Philippines newest model, hence, its fuel consumption is very efficient with a ration of 1 liter could travel around 58 kilometers.

  3. kenneth

    Hi, I just want to know if haojue parts are easy to find or compatible with other china made parts?

  4. Arlene Asio

    Is there a new model of Haojue coming here in the Phillippines? I want a new model of your scooter… Thank you and more power Haojue!

  5. chester dacua

    sir, id like to ask if the haojue motorcycle has an available parts nationwide? im here in mindanao/Phils, is it possible to use another brands parts like honda,yamaha, etc in case of the absence of haojue shop? would they fit to haojue or haojue has its own measurement of motor parts that only haojue parts can be used (no replacement) or cant be replaced with other brands?

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